New NABLA Foundation Is Coming Soon

As the picture below shows, the new NABLA foundation is coming, so swipe for details.

You might be surprised why there are so many color codes. Yes, all the beauty products of NABLA, an Italian niche brand, have many color codes.

“When it comes to complexion perfection, everybody needs a game-changer! 
That’s why we have studied the close-up Futuristic Foundation, with its innovative weightless, ultra-buildable texture that gives your skin a three-dimensional and naturally radiant matte effect! Available in 20 shades, for each one of you!” 

1st row ?????: L10; L20, L30; L40; L50
2nd row ??????: M10, M20; M30; M40; M50
3rd row ???: T10; T20; T30; T40; T50
4th row ????: D10; D20; D30; D40; D50

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