New Confidence In A Foundation Is Coming Soon

#New Confidence In A Foundation  $32, 48 shades.

(The picture is from my friend)

“Long-wearing, flawless-looking, velvet-matte finish foundation that provides weightless full coverage—plus, up to 24 hours of wear and hydration! Perfect for even sensitive skin and infused with ceramides, peptides, hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic acid and squalane, this oil-free foundation covers the look of blemishes, redness, dark spots and other imperfections without creasing or cracking to give you all-day confidence every time you wear it.”

This product contains a marine-derived ingredient. If you have sensitivity to fish-derived ingredients, please review the ingredient section.

I have no idea if this new foundation will be in it?it seems logical that it would be since it’s a new product. I do want to try this so I’m going to wait and see .

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