What does Sephora do with returned makeup?

Yes Sephora throws them away! It doesn’t matter if its gently used. Honestly even if it isnt used I still would not want to buy it because you never now where it’s been. It could have been in someone’s over heated car! People are so spoiled by the insanely generous return policy here in the USA stores. In Hk for sure you can’t return anything you eat/ consume or appy to body as this is for basic personal hygiene and safety reasons. This also means less reckless buying then returning. And all high end beauty items are cellophane wrapped so neither the sales associate nor customers will open it before paying. This is much better because once the item is exposed air the expiration clock starts. And they also put expiration dates and sometimes even manufacturing date on all their products whether high end or low end. The USA makes a big deal about FDA but rarely do you see high end beauty item with expiration date here. Its like they want to keep it a secret from customers.

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