It’s Official: This Is Sephora’s Top-Selling Powder Foundation

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Our beauty breadth is wide. We shop at independent beauty stores, international skincare and makeup sites, clean beauty pop-ups, and—without a doubt—giant retailers like Ulta and Sephora. Each shop has its unique benefits and downfalls, although we must say, in regards to the latter, there are benefits abound. We can shop hundreds of brands and categories simultaneously, often with hundreds of reviews and customer ratings to back each one up. So when a single product rises above all the others to earn the top-selling spot in its category, we instinctively perk up.

Can you blame us? That means the product in question has performed better than its competitors, and you’re often getting honest, unbiased reviews from fellow make-up enthusiasts who want to help a fellow shopper out. It’s a true beauty democracy: thousands of real-life customers casting their votes, deeming a specific product most worthy of purchasing.

The latest product to clinch the top-selling spot in its category is a powder foundation. Reviewers have described it as weightless, soft-blurring, and silky— just to name a few. Keep scrolling to see which fan-favorite powder foundation is currently flying off the Sephora shelves.

The product in question (drum-roll please) is Kat Von D’s Lock-It Powder Foundation ($37). The sultry red and black compact holds a lightweight, yet full-coverage powder that is available in 26 different shades (here we feel the need to pause and praise the brand for its inclusive range, as many other pressed powder products are seriously lacking in this area).

This is a truly beloved product from the vegan and cruelty-free brand, supported by 1,000 reviews and 10,000 “loves” by its fans on Sephora. We should probably credit the formula, praised for being “long-lasting”, and made with rice powder and kaolin clay, successfully used to blur and diffuse imperfections (it’s basically like an Instagram filter IRL).

The only fairly consistent complaint customers seem to have is with the compact’s included sponge applicator. Some reviewers note that they’re not fans of the way it deposits the product, which is why they opt for using a brush instead. We recommend Kat Von D’s Pressed Powder Brush ($39), which pairs perfectly with the foundation, both by function and aesthetic. Like all of Kat Von D’s makeup brushes, it’s composed of fine, vegan bristles that are incredibly soft to the touch.

With it’s wide range of shades, cruelty-free formula, and glowing reviews about glowing skin, this foundation will be the first thing we add to our always-active online shopping cart. This powder is a prime example of how reviews can be key when finding the best beauty products, and a reminder that it’s wise to scroll through and read them when looking for something new, and helpful to write your own when you find something you especially love. Who knows? It might just help a fellow shopper find their next favorite product.

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