Sephora’s Weekly Wow Sale Is Here

What is Sephora Weekly Wow Sale?

To put things pretty simply, the Sephora Week of Wow is a handful of seriously discounted products – usually marked down by enough to make you say “wow” – and then add them to your cart. Every Thursday during the sale, Sephora Canada releases new steals, usually for 50% off select makeup, skincare and haircare products, as well as the occasional beauty tools like sponges, brushes and eyelash curlers.

But that doesn’t mean every single product is half-off (the key word here is “up” to 50% off). Some might be 25% off or 30% off—you get it. It’s still a great deal, but there’s a certain rush we get when we score a product for precisely half-off. Maybe it’s the satisfying symmetry of the whole thing, or maybe it’s the fact that we know we’re getting double what we paid for, but 50% off is simply the best. Don’t you agree?

When does Sephora launch new Weekly Wow deals?

New deals pop up in their Beauty Offers section every Thursday morning. Depending on the products, things can sell out fast, so it’s always best to at least check the new sale items as soon as they launch (or bookmark this page to see what’s on sale right now). So set a reminder on your calendar for next Thursday!

What happens when Weekly Wow deals expire?

It’s rare that we even get to this point (since Week of Wow items tend to sell out pretty quickly). However, if products last the entire week (let alone through the first day), you can usually find them in the Sephora Canada online sale section, along with all the other items they have marked down at any given moment.

Do you need to be a Beauty Insider to shop Weekly Wow deals?

While anyone can buy Week of Wow sale items, it does still pay to be a Sephora Beauty Insider member (and signing up is free, after all). You’ll earn points with every purchase (which you can then spend in the Sephora Rewards Bazaar) and qualify for freebies with your orders, as well as their famous Sephora Birthday Gift. So there’s nothing to lose!

Does Sephora still have weekly wow?

now weekly wow was cancelled, They are bringing it back soon.

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