Sephora Collection Debuts New Clean Makeup and Skincare Products—All For Under $20

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As we become more aware of the dangers of toxic ingredients in cosmetics, beauty retailer Sephora has made significant strides to make clean beauty more understandable and accessible. In 2018, they rolled out their Clean at Sephora seal—an emblem that lets customers know that a product is formulated without 50+ potentially harmful ingredients. In 2019, Sephora took things a step further when they debuted their namesake clean skincare line. And this summer, the brand has amped up their clean beauty efforts with the launch of their first makeup line and the revamp of their beloved colorful skincare collection.

“Sephora is committed to bringing clients the very best in beauty, including products formulated without a long blacklist of harmful ingredients,” says Sephora Collections’ National Makeup Artist, Helen Phillips. “As the retailer’s in-house brand, we are well-versed in this realm and continue to evolve our own offerings to stay ahead of client needs.”

Sephora Collections’ new makeup offerings span foundation to eyeshadow. The brand’s Glowing Skin Foundation is available in 20 shades and is infused with hydrating, brightening ingredients like Matcha Tea Powder and Vitamin C Powder. “It has a radiant finish that doesn’t use any sparkly particles, which is really challenging to do, and lasts up to 10 hours,” Phillips says. “It is medium coverage but depending on the amount you use, it will sheer out or build really nicely to fit all skin tones and types.”

This launch also introduced two new lip products: a Liquid Lip Mousse and a Glossy Lip Oil. Available in nine shades, the Liquid Lip Mousse boasts a whipped, velvety texture with a satin-matte finish. “It has a really unique cushion feel which helps to blur out lip lines, making it perfect for anyone who has dry lips,” Phillips says.

Apply the Liquid Lip Mousse as a cheek tint, too. “It blends so flawlessly and there are so many great shades that sheer out perfectly on the skin,” says the MUA.

The Glossy Lip Oil—which comes in eight shades—delivers high-intensity shine without any stickiness. Phillips says her favorite shade is Juicy, a clear version of the lip oil. “I love to have a clean shiny lip on hand to enhance my natural lips or transform a matte shade,” she says.

The Bouncy Eyeshadow Palette rounds out the Sephora Collection makeup release. The six-shadow palette houses a variety of fun colors ranging from pink to copper. “It is formulated just with pearl and no pigment so it never appears cakey, which is common with traditional shimmer or satin shadows,” Phillips tells us. For best application, Phillips suggests using your fingers.

In addition to the exciting makeup debut, all of the Sephora Collection masks, wipes, and lip balms have undergone a reformulation to adhere to the Clean at Sephora standards. Per usual, all of the products will retail for under $20. “It is a huge deal that we really do have something for everyone here and can offer highly effective formulas while maintaining an affordable price point,” Phillips says. Starting today, you can shop all of the new clean Sephora Collection products online and in-store.

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