We Asked Sephora’s 3 New Beauty Directors What They’d Buy for $200

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Earlier this month, Sephora announced that its Pro Team was evolving and three of its former Pro Team members were now beauty directors. I got to meet David Razzano, Jeffrey English, and Myiesha Sewell—all seasoned makeup artists who create the looks for Sephora’s campaigns, consult on trends, and more—and we spent a lovely afternoon doing my favorite thing: discussing our favorite beauty products in great detail. In our short time together, it soon became clear that I had hit the beauty-expert gold mine.

All of them introduced me to under-the-radar gems I hadn’t tried yet at Sephora—almost like it’s their job or something. Considering they have all spent years getting to test, swatch, and recommend every single product that launches at Sephora, it’s safe to take their recs as your next shopping list. With that in mind, I asked them what products would make the cut if they had $200 to spend in utopia, er, Sephora. Their answers didn’t disappoint. Apologies in advance to your wallet, but these picks just might be worth going broke for.

“Giving me $200 to spend at Sephora is like giving me a passport to a beauty wonderland. I have must-have products that I’m always thrilled to pick up, but I also love to wander the aisles and discover new treasures.” — David Razzano, Sephora Beauty Director

“This palette has caught my eye and my attention. It is a perfectly curated palette for creating day-to-night eye looks, all packaged in a convenient, portable style. The cool-toned eye shadows in taupe, gray, and rosy shades have a fresh, chic feel.”

“These have become a mainstay in my personal skincare regimen. They are individually packaged, with the jumbo applicator pre-soaked in the glycolic solution, so there is no guesswork when applying. You only need to use this once a week to see incredibly smoother, brighter, and glowing skin. After my first use of this peel, I was instantly impressed.”

“This is a secret treasure. One shade is a stunning mega-watt champagne, while the other is a hypnotic iridescent mint. Together, they create a dreamy face highlight that can also be used as an eye shadow. The micro-fine texture allows for the most seamless blending in just one sweep.”

“This is such a fun, fresh way to apply color to eyes, that doesn’t require any complicated steps or tutorials. By adding this volumizing, jeweled, turquoise-toned mascara to your lashes, it will create a soft halo of color around your eyes that will captivate everyone’s attention.”

“I have been really into trying to live a total holistic, beauty lifestyle. So I guess you could say, I’ve caught the wellness bug! To start, I am learning that what you put in your body often affects the outside. I’m obsessed with the ‘ingestible’ category at Sephora.” — Jeffrey English, Sephora Beauty Director

“First, I would definitely pick up a refill of Moon Juice Full Moon Dust Box. The amazing de-stressing quality of the reishi mushroom is in all of the different dusts, and it really facilitates a zen state of mind. I am obsessed with mixing it into my morning coffee; it tastes delicious, and it helps me maintain a clear head when life throws me curveballs.”

“This spray is a sensorial dream for me. It offers mega hydration and a smell that instantly transports me to a vacation somewhere far away. It’s packed with mega ingredients, like cucumber extract, that are perfect for a refresh any time of day.”

“I never venture too far from a lip balm, so I’ve tried many, and this one has withstood the test of time. It leaves my lips so hydrated and supple, and the agave is all natural and tastes great!”
“I’m obsessed with this palette for any Hollywood red carpet event. It’s the perfect balance of beautiful universal matte neutrals, and soft shimmer and lid highlighting shades. My go-to shades in this palette are Dusty Rose, Burnt Orange, and Sultry, which is the perfect lid color for a naturally glam smoky eye! I need another ASAP. It’s a must-have to carry with me for any event makeup!”

“This is my newest obsession. The packaging is so luxurious and would make anyone stop and stare as you applied. Fun fact: Normal lipstick bullets also have a counter-swivel as the stick is twisted out of the tube. However, with the Pat McGrath Lip Fetish Lip Balm, the lipstick comes straight out so that when you apply it, the Gold Lips on the tube of the lipstick is always facing the other person. How fancy! It just goes to show that the drama is in the details. That puts me close to $200, so does that mean I can get a complimentary PERK Facial now? So namaslay! Basically, I’m just over here living my best West Coast life.”

Myiesha Sewell, Sephora Beauty Director

“I’m extremely oily and have acne scars to cover so when I try a new foundation there’s always this hope that it’s going to change my life. When I read that Stellar Limitless Foundation had a radiant finish, I assumed it would be sheer, like a tinted moisturizer and maybe become my new weekend foundation. But I was shocked when it covered with minimal effort and product, gave me the most amazing glow, and was probably my best color match ever. It feels so good to know that this oily girl can live the glowy skin life and still have it last all day. I’m in love!”

“Sephora Collection Colorful Shadow & Liner in Beige, Taupe, and Black have been favorites of mine for years. Cream shadow is definitely the secret to a long-lasting photo-ready eye makeup. You can wear them alone or layered underneath your favorite powder eye shadow. They glide on perfectly and an be blended with either a Sephora Collection Pro Precision Concealer Brush ($21) or your fingers. Beige, Taupe, and Black are three of the easiest colors to work with to build a smoky eye or just a simple day look.”

“Natasha Denona makes some of the most luxurious eye shadows on the planet, and I definitely am first in line to purchase any palettes she releases. The Natasha Denona Mini Lila Eyeshadow Palette is a great way to try out a trend and not break the bank. The shimmery purples and violets in this palette are just begging to be paired with a nude glossy lip!”

“I have really coarse, dry hair that’s prone to breakage, and cotton pillowcases suck all the moisture out of my hair. I can literally hear my hair breaking! I also toss and turn too much at night so silk pillowcases work amazingly well for me. Slip Silk Pillowcase is gentle on the skin and prevents any excess tugging and premature wrinkles.”

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