The Kiehl’s of Korea Just Launched at Sephora

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There’s a new addition to the long list of brands that adorn the hallowed halls of Sephora. As of today, a new Korean skincare brand, called Primera, is launching online. This is a unique K-beauty brand, because it’s based on something called germination energy (let’s go back to biology class for a second). Germination energy is the speed with which seeds germinate, or grow into full-fledged plants. According to the brand, germination energy culminates when a seed sprouts.

The reason why we should care about germination energy is because the seeds and sprouts that have the highest percentage of it are also, apparently, the most nutrient-dense. And as with any other skincare formula, the more nutrient-dense it is, the better for our skin. It’s also better for the planet, at least in Primera’s case, because the brand houses its plant-based formulas in eco-friendly packaging made with forest-certified paper boxes, soy ink, and recyclable plastic and glass containers.

We’re calling Primera the Kiehl’s of Korea, because just like Kiehl’s, it’s based on botanical ingredients and scientific skincare formulas. It’s also similarly priced—its products range from $30-$75 a piece. Keep scrolling to see 9 of the most interesting Primera products you can shop at Sephora right now.

Korean brands have some of the best cleansing oils on the market. This one uses the oils of seven different seeds, including safflower seed, grape seed, meadow foam seed, rapeseed, plum seed, passion flower seed, and raspberry seed oil, to dissolve dirt, oil, makeup, and sunscreen (even the waterproof kind).

After a cleansing oil comes a cleansing foam (at least according to double-cleanse method). Primera’s lathering face wash uses salicylic acid to slough away dead skin and pore-clogging impurities from the skin, while broccoli, Brussels sprouts, sunflower, and strawberry leaf extract give the skin a hit of vitamins and minerals. Aside from the ingredients, what makes this cleanser unique is the dense foam it creates. It has a rich, fluffy texture that clings the skin. It’s all very luxurious.

If you’re a fan of a good toner, rejoice (I myself have recently rediscovered the power or toner, so I’m very excited about this product in particular). Primera’s Alpine Berry Water Toner combines hyaluronic acid with botanical extracts like wild strawberry sprouts, which have natural moisturizing abilities and are known to survive the harsh Alpine region. It’s like a drink of water for your skin.

Primera’s essence was inspired by the discovery and regeneration of 700-year-old lotus seeds from the Goryeo dynasty that are harvested without the use of heat or chemical solvents to preserve germination energy (the lotus seeds boost hydration and defend against environmental pollutants). Its purpose is to increase the absorption of whatever skincare products you apply afterward, as well as smooth the skin’s texture, even out its tone, and increase its radiance.

Brightening serums are our go-to product in the summer months, because we want to maintain glowy, radiant skin all summer long. This one uses plant extracts (like watercress sprout), niacinamide, and hyaluronic acid to brighten the skin, tackle any unevenness in tone, and hydrate, all at once.

Aside from the brightening serum, Sephora is also stocking Primera’s Firming Serum, which was formulated after six years of research on over 140 kinds of wild soybeans (soybeans strengthen skin and they’re rich in amino acids). It has a bouncy, almost gel-like texture, that firms the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin.

If you have sensitive skin that’s prone to redness like I do, this moisturizer is sure to peak your interest. It’s formulated with silver birch bud, which calms and conditions the skin, and lots and lots of ceramides, which restore moisture and prevent subsequent irritation.

Remember the Alpine Berry Water Toner we talked about? This sleeping mask is a companion of that. It uses those same Alpine strawberry sprouts to boost moisture, as well as papaya fruit to exfoliate and brighten, and something called lava water, which hydrates the skin. It cools on contact, too, which makes it great for using after a day at the beach or the pool, when your skin has been exposed to the sun all day.

Primera even has a lip mask. Use this whenever your lips feel dry, chapped, or generally in need of moisture. It’s formulated with seaberry, which moisturizes the delicate skin on and around the lips, rice bran wax, which does the same, and murumuru butter, which protects the skin’s barrier from moisture loss. As you wear it, it will transform from a balm to a gloss.

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