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In our monthly series Self-Directed, we invite beauty and fashion influencers to direct their own editorial story and create the looks they love with the glam teams they trust. You’ll learn about their best-kept beauty secrets, favorite products, and more.

Shooting at Miranda Kerr’s Malibu home has its perks, like getting to spend the afternoon with her Labradoodle, Teddy, and noshing on homemade gluten-free oat muffins (prepared by Kerr herself!). But perhaps the biggest is the collection of Kora Organics (the model’s own beauty range) at your disposal. We spent more time than we’d care to admit in the guest bathroom dousing ourselves with the Noni Glow Body Oil and spritzing our face with the Citrus Mist, but the truth of the matter is the line is good—really good.

If healthy skin is truly the foundation of a great beauty look, then Kerr is a living, breathing testament. Save for her signature red lip, she arrives in the morning, having just dropped her son off at school, with that effortless no-makeup makeup glow, her hair slicked back into a ponytail. This is how you will find Kerr nine times out of 10 when she’s not working, and considering she spends half her life in a hair-and-makeup chair, we’re not surprised. For today’s story, Kerr applied that same cool less-is-more approach. The result? Three stunning looks you can wear to the beach, barbecue, and beyond.

“I loved the natural pastels. This is a great look for the day or even a spring/summer night date!” — Kerr

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“It’s always a pleasure collaborating with Miranda, as she can bring to life any look we create—that’s her magic. With the freshness of spring and wildflowers in mind, I thought of subtle blush and pastel tones, like lilac mixed with soft peach [Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Color in Orchid and Rosegold ($29)], to bring out Miranda’s blue eyes. Pink for the lips [Laura Mercier Sheer Lip Colour in Baby Lips ($26) and Dior Lip Glow ($34)] created an allover but undefined glow.” — Storey

“Miranda’s hair for [the shoot] was pretty simple. I used a combo of John Frieda’s Frizz Ease Secret Weapon Touch Up Crème ($15) and also a few drops of Miranda’s Noni Glow Body Oil ($54) to get the sleek look. It gives me a great textured look while having a gorgeous shine.” — Keough

Fashion Credits: Vetements Drop Hoop Earrings; Matthew Adams Dolan top.

“A red lip is one of my favorites. You can have little to no makeup on, add a red lip, and it can really transform your look. I feel it also uplifts my mood.” — Kerr

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“This is always a classic and precise go-to look that can transition from day to night. I used a true rich red [Laura Mercier Velour Lovers Lip Colour in Mon Cheri ($28)], lined for perfection, and then enhanced the cheeks with a light responsive bronzing stick [Tom Ford Cream Cheek Color in Pieno Sole ($98)]. I left the skin dewy and added extra gloss to the lids and nothing else but black mascara and a subtle shift in definition to the brow [Dior Powder Eyebrow Pencil ($29)], giving them a well-groomed look.” — Storey

Fashion Credits: Vintage choker (similar style); Vetements Black Oversized Logo Sleeve Pullover ($775).

“I feel the cat eye is a very chic, classic, and sexy look. It really defines the eyes and feels a little mysterious.” — Kerr

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“Shifting focus, I completely lined Miranda’s eye, top and bottom, with a deep rich liquid pencil [Charlotte Tilbury Rock ’n’ Kohl Liquid Eye Pencil ($27)], bringing it from the tear duct to beyond the outer edge of the eye. On the lips, I used a rosy flesh-tone cream lip color [Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Lipstick in Stoned Rose ($26)] to enhance and complement the dewy skin that was also gently blushed with rose undertones.” — Storey

Fashion Credits: H. Stern earrings and rings; Saint Laurent Slub Cotton-Jersey T-Shirt ($345); Fleur du Mal playsuit.

Kerr on her beauty rituals, the perfect on-the-go workout, and how she stays so zen:

BYRDIE: What led you to create your own skincare line?

MIRANDA KERR: I wasn’t able to find a certified organic skincare range that would actually give me the results that I wanted, so I thought, Why don’t I make my own? It’s been such a passion project. One of the key ingredients is noni, which contains over 170 vitamins and minerals. When I was a little girl and I was feeling sick or had a breakout or a sunburn, I would put noni on my skin and also drink it. It’s been my little cure-all treatment. So I wanted to create a skincare range that contained noni and was also certified organic. So many people don’t realize that what you put on your skin soaks in and is absorbed into your bloodstream so quickly.

BYRDIE: The 3 Step System is a big part of Kora Organics. Why do you think every woman should adopt this system?

MK: I feel like having that basic routine is the key to healthy, glowing skin. If you have that cleanse, mist, and moisturize routine morning and night, it really is the foundation for healthy skin. It just works. When you have a little routine and stick to it, your skin will thank you for it. Healthy skin is beautiful skin, and that’s the goal of Kora Organics—to promote healthy skin so that you are feeding your skin with all these nutrients and it’s revitalized and energized. You are basically giving it all the right things so it can be its best.

BYRDIE: We want to know about your personal skincare regimen. Is there a secret part of your routine most people don’t know?

MK: One thing that is so simple is I keep the mist and also the eye gel in the refrigerator at home because that way it really soothes when you apply it.

BYRDIE: Can you walk us through your a.m. and p.m. beauty routines?

MK: I like to mix it up. Generally, I’ll use the Cream Cleanser ($30) and the Energizing Citrus Mist ($34) in the morning. Then I’ll apply the soothing Day and Night Cream ($48) and I’ll exfoliate every second day. Sometimes I get a little excited and exfoliate every day, which doesn’t really hurt, but every second day is enough. And then [in the evening] I’ll use a face mask, which I love putting on when I’m either doing yoga or taking a bath. I like to feel like I’m doing something when I have the face mask on. I’ll put the Exfoliating Mask ($48) on my T-zone and the Glow Sleeping Mask ($48) around the outside of my face. I swear by dry body brushing morning and night. Some people just do it in the morning, but I do it at night as well. It stimulates the lymphatic system, and it helps your body detoxify itself.

BYRDIE: What items do you always have in your fridge?

MK: Well, I generally have lots in my fridge because I’m the type of person who loves to cook and have people over all the time. And obviously having a son, I like to have lots of yummy, healthy treats. There are lots of fresh berries, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries. I’m very much into berries, as you can tell. I always have lots of greens, like kale and cucumber and baby spinach and celery. You’ll find aloe vera in my fridge. You’ll find noni juice in my fridge. I try to avoid dairy and stick to goat’s milk now, because goats only have one stomach like us, so we can absorb the calcium from them better than we can from cows.

BYRDIE: What’s your workout of choice to stay in shape?

MK: I believe in doing squats whenever you can. If you can just do 10 squats when you think about it, that’s a good way to remember and get exercise incorporated into your day. Otherwise, I love Pilates and yoga. My favorite type of yoga is Kundalini. It’s really great for the mind-and-body connection. It’s something that feels very nurturing to me. Speaking of nurturing, we have at Kora an essence that the leading aromatherapist made for me when I was going through a really hard time. After Orlando and I separated, I went through quite a bit of depression, and she made this remedy for me, and it’s now part of my range, called the Heart Chakra Essence ($19). When you put it on, it feels like somebody is giving you a big hug; that’s how soothing it is.

BYRDIE: What was your last beauty splurge?

MK: I know this sounds crazy, but I had my masseuse come to my house and do a body scrub on me in the steam room. I am obsessed with steam. I guess that was my last beauty splurge. It was really good.

BYRDIE: Can you tell us about your last Sephora haul?

MK: I personally love going into Sephora because it’s great to be able to try things on. But I also love buying things on Net-a-Porter.com. From Net-a-Porter.com, I bought a body brush, and at Sephora, I got an eyelash curler and tweezers. I’m obsessed with tweezers. I really like the Anastasia of Beverly Hills brand.

BYRDIE: We love the bob! What inspired the short cut?

MK: I’ve been talking about going short for years, and so I would gradually go shorter and shorter, and then one day I was like I just want to cut it. It felt really good. It makes me feel more free and wild.

BYRDIE: Do you have advice for someone looking for a similar chop?

MK: Maybe just take it in stages, like how I kind of cut a couple of inches off and then another couple of inches, to see how you are feeling with it. Enjoy the different lengths, as well. Sometimes, though, they can cut it a little short in the back, so I’d be aware of that. I prefer it to be all the one length.

BYRDIE: You spend quite a bit of time in the hair-and-makeup chair for work. Do you ever do your own hair or makeup for events?

MK: Definitely makeup, but with hair, I’m hopeless. That’s why you’ll always see me with my hair tied back if I’m traveling. I don’t know—I’m really bad with my hair; it’s not a strength of mine.

BYRDIE: What’s the best tip you’ve learned from a hairstylist or makeup artist?

MK: If you don’t have an eyelash curler, you can curl your eyelashes with a spoon. That’s what my friend Rosemary Swift taught me.

BYRDIE: Are there any cult Australian beauty products or secrets you swear by?

MK: The one thing about Australia that is so beautiful is the ocean. You instantly feel refreshed. I also am obsessed with scrubbing my body with the sand when I’m at home. It feels like it really exfoliates the skin well.

Photographer: Nick Hudson; Hair: David Keough; Makeup: Lisa Storey: Styling: Yasi Moshtael.

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