How beauty device brands are avoiding Clarisonic’s fate

With Clarisonic’s remaining inventory nearly cleared out as the company prepares for its September 30 shutdown, other beauty device brands are zeroing in on where the brand went wrong and adapting their businesses accordingly.

Clarisonic’s demise occurred in step with the decline of the facial-cleansing device category, which had sales decreases of double-digit percentages for the past three years, according to NPD Group. But growth opportunities still exist for skin gadgets. According to an October 2019 report by Mintel, 40% of female survey respondents said they had tried a skin-care device and would use one again, while 35% said they had never used one, but were interested in doing so. In order to prevent themselves from becoming the next Clarisonic, device brands are now diversifying their product assortments, upgrading their current device models and offering more products that require repeat purchases.

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