Sephora Can’t Keep This Cult-Fave Face Oil in Stock

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Suffice to say, Sal Ali has harnessed the power of Midas. The husband of Insta-famous beauty guru Farah Dhukai teamed up with a group of cosmetic scientists last year to create a restorative, hydrating, and multipurpose beauty product. Oh, and it’s littered with specks of 24-carat gold. It’s basically the facial oil to end all facial oils, according to the very opinionated beauty community on Instagram.

The formula was originally created to solve Farah’s frustration with the lack of skin benefits in most makeup products, so not only is this product beautifying, but it’s also chock-full of good-for-you ingredients to boot. And if you’re looking for ultimate proof that the gold-flecked face oil delivers on more than just curb appeal, consider this: Sephora only recently began stocking it, and it’s already managed to sell out in that short time. (They’ve since restocked.)

Does it all sound too good to be true? Not to worry—we did some digging. (Gold rush pun intended.)

What it is: A natural, nontoxic moisturizer that aids in smoothing out your makeup—it blends and melts right into your skin for an airbrushed finish. Ideal for all skin types, it promises to make your complexion appear fresh, dewy, and luminous. We definitely don’t mind the fresh citrus scent while using it either.

Why it’s awesome: The concoction of rose hip, pumpkin seed, lemongrass, and orange peel oils protects your skin from environmental toxins and free radicals, which can speed up aging. And while the golden flecks are certainly pretty to look at, they also slow collagen depletion and prevent sagging skin.

How you can use it: What really sets this face oil apart from the mass of others out there—besides, you know, being infused with gold—is how versatile it is. Generally speaking, it’s a daily moisturizer, but there are actually three different ways you can apply the treatment. Switch out your primer for this oil, and your makeup will be longer-lasting and easier to apply. Mix two or three drops into your foundation (more if you tend to have dry skin) for that goddess-y, celestial effect. Or, like Dhukai, you can opt to blend it on with a Beautyblender by squeezing two drops onto a damp sponge and dotting it on over your foundation. (Mixing them together before applying works too.)

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