These 9 Blackhead-Clearing Face Masks Are Like Vacuums for Your Pores

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Blackheads are notoriously hard to get rid of. It’s beyond tempting to pick and push them out ourselves, but we know that will only please us in the short term and have us kicking ourselves in the long term. One of the best (and arguably the most fun) treatments out there to get rid of and prevent future blackheads is a high-quality face mask.

Some of our favorite products for dealing with this specific type of acne can be found in one of our beauty meccas: Sephora. In most beauty emergencies, it’s the first place we run to. You can never really go wrong when you shop there, so we rounded up the best on the market according to loyal shoppers.

Here are the top-rated face masks to help get rid of blackheads.

The Umbrian Clay works to clean out pores and clear up your complexion, but this mask is also made with sandalwood oil, which helps calm any irritation, and lavender to soothe any redness.

The Amazonian white clay draws out impurities to unclog pores, while the oatmeal and aloe vera soothe and hydrate the skin. It also has a nice cooling effect that’s really refreshing.

Instead of the conventional mud mask, this gel-based formula draws out any toxins in pores while also keeping the skin well hydrated.

This mask from Esteé Lauder is one of the top-rated picks for blackheads. It’s super lightweight and not only reduces the appearance of pores, but it also leaves you with a brighter complexion.

Its gel clay mask formula, which is made of mineral mud and mint water, quickly absorbs any excess oil and cleans out any impurities to keep pores clear.

People swear by Clinique’s acne products, and this charcoal mask is one of the reasons for that. It absorbs oil, dirt, and debris and tightens pores. You’ll see why this got 10k hearts on Sephora.

The powerhouse ingredient in this mask is sulfur, which penetrates pores to clear up any existing acne. And we’re talking about all kinds of acne: inflammatory acne, hormonal acne, acne caused by rosacea, etc.

Made of white clay, salicylic acid, and natural exfoliants, this mask will draw out and scrub away blackheads so that you get smooth and glowing skin.

While the white clay in this mask will remove any buildup, the brown algae helps firm the skin and the prickly pear seed oil improves your skin’s elasticity to also help reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Now that we’ve showed you the best masks for blackheads at Sephora, go get shopping. You and your skin can thank us later.

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