The Best-Selling Dry Shampoos From Amazon, Sephora, and More

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Dry shampoo is my desert-island product. Forget long lashes or red lips (we’re on an island, people)—I’d want to have decently clean hair, and dry shampoo will achieve that without me having to take a dip in the ocean (clearly I’ve been pondering this for too long). So because my affection for the magic in a can runs deep, I’m always on the hunt for the best of the best.

Instead of just meandering the aisles of one store, I decided to search for the best-selling dry shampoos at five major beauty retailers: Sephora, Ulta, Target, Net-a-Porter, and Amazon. The results varied yet at the same time were quite similar. (Spoiler: Batiste Dry Shampoo, $8, is the repeat winner here.)Keep scrolling to see the rest!

Amazon’s Best Selling Dry Shampoos

For 40 years, Batiste has been the haircare authority for taming your mane between washes. Consumers go nuts for this cheap and effective dry shampoo—it’s the number one bestseller on Amazon.

Most times we just want a dry shampoo that will soak up oil, but this offering from Garnier Fructis gives life to thin, lifeless strands too.

“I was shocked when I used this. I normally swear by Bumble & Bumble dry shampoo and I can usually never afford to buy it since it is about $40 for one bottle. I was really amazed! It soaked up the oil and added volume,” wrote one customer.

Sephora’s Best Selling Dry Shampoos

Free of sodium chloride and colorants, this dry shampoo really delivers without drying out your strands.

The brand suggests you apply this before bedtime “to beat greasiness to the punch.” Pretty genius, if you ask us.

At Byrdie HQ, we’re obsessed with this sweet-smelling, invisible, highly effective dry shampoo.

Net-a-Porter’s Best Selling Dry Shampoos

This offering is a total chart-topper at Net-a-Porter, too. Did we mention it’s non-aerosol? Always a plus in our books.

There’s a reason I wrote about this dry shampoo for our Love Story series. The smell is intoxicating, and it actually keeps my hair clean for days on end (yes, I go days without washing it).

Derived from natural plant and mineral ingredients, this organic dry shampoo delivers serious volume (and smells like cocoa to boot!).

Target’s Best Selling Dry Shampoo

No surprise that this easy-on-the-wallet dry shampoo is a fan favorite at Target, too.

One user writes, “[It] does not leave any white residue on my scalp or dark-colored hair. The smell is amazing and lasts all day. I have tried several products and this has worked THE best from all the products I have ever tried.”

Considering the extremely affordable price, this dry shampoo needs to be a staple in your beauty arsenal. The travel-size bottles are also perfect to keep in your purse for days when your hair could use a boost on the go.

Ulta’s Best Selling Dry Shampoos

Again, a fan favorite of Ulta shoppers too!

With over 2000 reviews on Ulta and the fact that it’s a best-seller at three different stores/sites, we’d say this product is a hit.

Bye, spray: Just squeeze the powder out from the nozzle and directly onto your roots, let it sit, and then fluff up your strands for an instant just-left-the-salon look.

What’s your favorite dry shampoo? Sound off below!

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