Are the makeovers at Sephora free?

Sephora does do makeovers, you have to pay $50, but you get a $50 gift card for this, which you can use to buy any products you want, it isn’t restricted to the ones used in the makeover. You don’t have to pay for the products used on you during the makeover, but you don’t get any to take home or for touchups.

The fee is for all Sephora stores including the ones in JCP. You need to make an appointment for this service, length of time varies, usually takes around 45 minutes. Here is a link to the store locator so you can call for an appointment

Rouge members still receive free custom makeovers with no minimum purchase for the remainder of 2018. Don’t forget, all Beauty Insider members receive free 45-minute custom makeovers when you spend $50 or more. An appointment is required for all custom makeovers, visit to make an appointment.

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